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Article: #04: Yearbook: Closer to your goals

#04: Ročnica: Bližšie k svojim cieľom

#04: Yearbook: Closer to your goals

After preparing the Ten Years and the Five Years, the task is simple. What will you focus on in the coming year to get closer to my vision? When filling out the annual plan, you should base it on your five-year plan. Annual, specific goals should become the first step towards your five/ten year dream.

Well, watch out. Do not mistake the name Ročnice for the fact that you only look at it once a year :) It is there for you practically all the time. It will help in planning priorities for the next week or month. You can also use it to look back over the past days. A quality Yearbook can also significantly help you learn to say no to proposals that do not correspond in any way to your plans, goals or values.


The first double page is almost empty. This is so that you can draw the largest possible mind map there. In it, visualize the goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year in individual categories. But be careful - don't forget the connection with the five-year anniversary. Such a visualization will help you realize the connections and get more in depth.

When you develop a mind map, you will definitely realize a lot of things that you will want to focus on. However, if you were to focus on all of them at the same time, it may happen that you won't finish even one. Despite different opinions, we believe that multitasking is not the best way. The heroes work with concentration.

At the bottom of the page, set just one goal for each area and do everything to achieve them . After all, the journal is a means that you want to use for your personal growth. Therefore, let him remind you of what matters to you and where you want to go.

You can project these selected 6 goals not only into your morning routine, but also into monthly and weekly reports and monitor your own progress throughout the year. For example, if the initial goal is to run 10 km, you can gradually add tasks related to regular training, improved care, focusing on the right technique, maybe even a meeting with a professional trainer or investing in high-quality sneakers. Everything is related to everything in the Journal :)

How to connect ONLINE with OFFLINE planning?

Since we live in a digital age, none of us can avoid online calendars. Meeting requests in Outlook or an invitation in Gmail. You probably hear this quite often too. It is important to learn to function in both digital and analog.

That's why it's easier than explaining to your colleagues that you prefer paper planning, it will always be on Monday to match the online calendars with the Journal. For example, Ivan will go through all invitations, birthdays and events nearby on Facebook. Then he looks at Google Calendar and finally at Outlook. He writes down events for individual days, and if something new appears during the week, he always writes it down in the Journal. This way, you too can have a 100% overview in the Journal - always for a week ahead.

How do you solve the connection of online calendars with offline ones? Share tips and tricks with us in our Facebook group called Journalists , where we also add tips on how to use the Journal as effectively as possible.

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