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Article: How about a business plan?

Ako na podnikateľský plán?

How about a business plan?

A business plan does not have to be a piece of work: instructions on how to prepare it in two afternoons

Despite the fact that I have completed university, where I wrote a business plan as a final thesis, I am not proud of myself. I wrote the whole plan as a style work. I submitted a 50-page pile of analysis, defended it — and didn't implement any of it.

Why also? After all, I would have a hard time looking for essential information in that pile of text. And I was so disgusted by its length that I scrapped the business idea before submitting the paper.

It goes the other way too. Startup. Using templates that save time, energy and also unnecessary analysis. They focus only on the essentials. For example, whether there will be interest in your product or service. Do you know how to offer it? Whom. And how does it compare to the competition.

Have we baited you enough? Let's do this :)

Value Proposition Canvas Customer

Value proposition canvas

The first model we reached for is called the Value Proposition Canvas. This is a tool that tells you:

  • who is your customer
  • why should he be interested in your product/service?

Value Proposition Canvas Slovak

We use its form available from .

We do not need to argue about the importance of the first question. You have to focus exactly on the customers who are key for you. And I'd rather let Simon Sinek talk about why it's important to focus on "Why".

The Value Proposition Canvas is indeed a "canvas" that is stretched to a large A1. We have a Journal format available, so we have divided it into two parts for you:

  • Customer: Here you define customer segments, needs, difficulties and wishes
  • Product: You will understand how complex your product or service is and what remedies for problems and recipes for wishes it offers

In Kreatívec you will find examples to fill in, they will certainly help you. But what didn't fit there is this video, which will explain the whole concept even more in depth:

Lean Canvas Unique Value Key Metrics

Lean Canvas

The business model canvas is usually followed by two other models:

  • more traditional Business Model Canvas,
  • slightly modified Lean Canvas.

We used the second variant, which goes straight to the point, even when the Journal was created. Develop it yourself or with your team and have it ready whenever you present the project to an expert.

In the Czech translation, the Lean canvas looks like this:

Lean Canvas Czech

Since the Value Proposition Canvas is already behind you, you only have a few points left:

  • unique value
  • pricing model
  • channels/paths to customers
  • key metrics/indicators
  • cost structure
  • competitive advantage

Once again, we will help you with a video that will show you how to work with the lean canvas using the example of Uber:

A tip from us: At you have the entire Lean Canvas online course available for working with this model, completely free of charge. We definitely recommend:

SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats


After two complex models comes the rest part - an ordinary SWOTKA, that is, an analysis:

  • strengths,
  • weaknesses,
  • opportunities
  • threats.

Look at the outputs from previous analyzes and put them in context with the competition. Answer the questions:

  • What makes your product or team better than others?
  • What are you lagging behind in?
  • Which external trends and opportunities can you take advantage of?
  • Which external threats do you need to watch out for?


If you can't answer a question, that's okay. Write it in the researcher and use this space to write down the research you are missing.

Researcher at Kreatívec

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