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Article: #21: Who am I? Schoolboy version

#21: Kto som? Verzia Školák

#21: Who am I? Schoolboy version

The "Who am I" section has been a part of the Journal since the first version. For the school version, we have made a few changes so that filling out the Journal is much better.

Good luck filling it out :)

The hero knows his superpowers

Before you start planning how to achieve your goals, you need to know where you stand. Therefore, the main task of the first day is to realize where you are. In life, in thinking, in your lifestyle. We have therefore designed a page with 3 questions that can help you in this.

What are my strengths?

Wise people say that the path to heroism is not through getting rid of weaknesses, but through developing strengths. Think about what people turn to you for help with. What do they appreciate about you? Even things you take for granted can be extraordinary. So what do you excel at? And what with that?

If you don't know how to exercise, try asking another question:

  • Who inspires you the most? (This can be anyone you know or not. Family, writers, artists, leaders, etc.) Describe what qualities inspire you in that person.
  • What do you naturally excel at? (Skills, Abilities, Gifts, etc.)
  • What is one thing that only you can do?
  • If you had to teach something, what would it be?

  • You can work on your strengths. The journal is designed in a way that can be customized. It will help you regardless of where you want to work. If you return to your strengths, if they are the basis of your goals (whether short-term or long-term), you will become an authentic version of yourself.

    Which 5 values ​​are most important to me?

    A hero is guided by his values ​​and is not satisfied until he has a life in accordance with them. Correct planning is based on clear values. According to them, both our daily activities and our long-term goals should look like. If you can't decide how to proceed, your values ​​will help you make the right decision and stay true to yourself.

    If you don't know how to list your 5 most important values, do an exercise at . And if you think you're clear about it, do it anyway. Maybe the result will surprise you. :)

    If you feel that even this exercise is more difficult for you, help yourself with the following questions:

  • Imagine you are 90 years old. At the end of your life, you will look back at everything you managed to experience, see and achieve. You will remember all the relationships and victories. Which of them are the most precious to you? Name them.
  • What are the things you would regret if you didn't do them or didn't have them in your life?
  • What matters most to you in life? Do you have any strong beliefs?
  • What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

    You know that feeling when you immerse yourself in an activity so much that hours go by and you don't even notice? It is very likely that you will find your superpower there. Rather, enjoy all the activities that bring you this feeling . Whether it's painting or formulas in Excel - if you connect them with your work life, you've won.

    Of course, it's not just about work. These activities bring you joy and thus create balance in your life. Knowing them is important for complete self-knowledge.

    As usual — here too we offer you expanding questions:

  • What brings a smile to your face? (Activities, events, people, hobbies, projects, etc.)
  • What were your favorite activities back in the day? What are you doing with love today?
  • The magazine talks about these areas of life

    In order to move from theory to practice, we have divided life into 5 main areas that we feel should be included in our planning.

    Hello is paramount. If you have a lot of energy, it will be reflected in all areas.

    School and career includes not only homework, but also work on choosing your future profession.

    With joy there are things you do purely because you enjoy them and relax.

    Relationships they include partner and family ties, but also friendships, relationships in the community or colleagues.

    Self-development it includes working on your character, skills and knowledge.

    There is also room in the Journal for a sixth category - we left it empty on purpose. We responded to feedback from users who missed the option to add their own section. Name it whatever you want - you can use it to track your progress throughout the entire half-year.

    How am I doing in these six areas?

    In order to become a superhero, it has to work in all areas at the same time. For each of them, mark your satisfaction with the current situation and briefly describe why it is so. You then compare it at the end of the half-year/year. Development is especially important if you can measure it in some way: this way you can see where you managed to move in a few months.

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