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Article: #05: Moonlight: Think about the path to your goals


#05: Moonlight: Think about the path to your goals

The end of the month is like a small New Year: it is a great opportunity to reflect on the previous month and to set goals for the upcoming one. It will help you to work persistently on your long-term goals so that you don't forget them in the whirlwind of everyday life.

Remind yourself of your half-yearly and annual goals

Open the Journal for the Semester, or the Yearbook if you have a Yearbook. In the mind map you will find all your goals for this semester/year. Think about how you did in fulfilling them this month.
  • Color the bubbles with completed goals and don't forget to praise yourself accordingly. Step by step, any goal can be achieved, and small successes also deserve to be celebrated.
  • Cross out goals that are no longer relevant. There will probably be few or none, but this step will help you focus on the most important things.
  • More clearly define goals or action steps, about which you have found out more information in the meantime. It will help you with planning the weekly tasks within Monday.


What did you accomplish this month? What are you bragging about? What will you improve on?

Write down all 6 areas and try to summarize your feelings from this month in one sentence. Praise yourself if you have achieved your goals. Don't forget to also think about the things that were not ideal from your point of view and you want to improve them. Try to formulate these things concretely and clearly .

Don't try to improve everything at once. Focus on one area.

The monthly challenge you will focus on should be based on your half-year goals, but also on your feelings, which you summarized in the previous exercise. Choose just one new habit that will remind you of your goal every day.

If you feel that you should finally start exercising or eating healthy, choose a goal, for example: walking 10,000 steps every day or eliminating sugar and sweets from your diet.

Similarly, if you are not doing well at work, studies or in a relationship, take one small step every day that will lead you to improve your current situation.

Don't forget to set a reward when you complete the monthly challenges. After all, killing yourself with something for a whole month - it's not just like that. It can be a small thing in the form of buying an interesting book, a new plant for your collection or sitting with friends.

You will learn more about why the Monthly Challenge works and how to take full advantage of it in our next article: THE 2 DAY RULE - WHAT IS IT AND WHY SHOULD YOU USE IT?

What will you definitely remember from this month?

Before you turn the page and start filling out the next month, stop for a moment and reflect on your journey. Who did you meet there and what did you learn?

Now flip through the past month and read at the bottom of each page your answer to the question " What are you thankful for? "

Come back every Monday and read your most important takeaways in the " What did I learn? "

Choose the most important thoughts, quotes, experiences or findings and write them down on the gray page on the right. We didn't give you any motivational quotes, but you can make a collection of your own quotes, memories and lessons from this page. At the end of the half year, you will have a collection of the most important things, which you definitely don't want to forget.

Have your own tip to share with the Journalist community? Tell us about it on Facebook . We are already looking forward to your ideas!

    And in order to achieve as many of your goals as possible at the end of the half-year, come with us to take a look at weekly planning in the exercise called Monday.

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