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Article: My self

Moje ja

My self

In the first part of the Business Book, you will focus on your working relationship with yourself.


Think about how you perceive yourself. What you can identify with. What are your characteristics? And what's your point?

Formulate it into a personal mission statement. And start your Company with it.

A well-formulated mission statement begins with a first and last name. And then it contains a maximum of three sentences.

Do you want to be inspired? Mine is longer, but hopefully it will be enough for inspiration:

I am a husband, father and friend. I am an entrepreneur with a growth mindset who believes that the limit is only our head. I live my life in integrity with personal values, which are faith in God and myself, love, justice, honesty and discipline. My mission is to help people and companies reach their potential through value and moral business. Through the things I do best — process thinking, startup drive and resourcefulness.


Correct planning is based on clear values. According to them, both our daily activities and our long-term goals should look like. If you can't decide how to proceed, your values ​​will help you make the right decision and stay true to yourself.

If you can't list your 5 most important values, do this exercise online . And if you think you're clear about it, do it anyway. Maybe the result will surprise you. :)


It's not the Decade, but the definition of your dream job will be more than enough for your work vision.

  • Think about what you do.
  • What kind of things do you deal with on a daily basis?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • Who do you work with?
  • At what level. You are an owner, manager or employee.

Close your eyes. And go for it.


The ideal job is not just about work. But also about the things you do outside of it.

Keep dreaming for a while longer. Close your eyes. And imagine how you spend your whole day

  • when you wake up? after how many hours of sleep?
  • what do you do when you wake up?
  • do you travel to work or do you have a home office?
  • when do you start working?
  • how often do you take breaks what do you do during them?
  • when do you finish work?
  • what do you do after her?

Imagine that the day is like a pizza. How many parts (=time) do you have left for sleep, family and yourself?

Look at the result. And mark the real situation on the right side. Imagine an average working day for the last month. How many hours did you devote to work? And how much time do you have left for sleep, family and yourself?

If there were no differences between the images, congratulations. At least in terms of time, you have nothing to improve. If there were differences in the results, think about what. Can you do something about it? What?

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