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Article: The best resources for education according to Mimoskol

Najlepšie internetové zdroje na vzdelávanie

The best resources for education according to Mimoskol

  • The following document contains more than a dozen resources for education on and off the Internet
  • In 5 categories you will always find the name of the resource, description and click through from the name directly to the resource
  • This list is by no means complete and in no way attempts to cover the thousands of resources that exist. He just wants to bring you the best and most useful ones in our opinion. The best thing you can do for your education is to learn to find the resources yourself. For example, with free Google courses.

Online course platforms

1. Coursera 
The largest global MOOC platform offers thousands of courses in most fields.

2. EdX 
The second largest American MOOC platform from Harvard and MIT.

3. FutureLearn 
UK and Europe's largest social learning platform.

4. Khan Academy 
One of the largest free educational portals with an offer from IT to social sciences.

5. Universities
German online course platform, courses in German and English.

6. Lynda ( LinkedIn Learning )
The Microsoft platform offers one of the largest libraries of professional content.

7. Cadence
MOOC platform for artistic and creative professions.

8. Udemy 
The platform with probably the largest number of video courses, almost anyone can create them.

9. Skillshare
Professionally oriented courses primarily for entrepreneurs and creatives.

10. Canvas Network
Another MOOC platform popular with many educators, often with interactive elements.

11. The Great Courses 
Paid courses of university and often world level.

12. MasterClass 
Online courses of world celebrities.

13. Stanford Online
Stanford online courses that are not usually available on other platforms.

14. Class-Central 
The best search engine for online courses (especially MOOCs) on the Internet.
Contains an overview of all important MOOC platforms .

15. IAI Academy 
Free online courses from the world's leading thinkers, intellectually oriented.

Technical resources

1. Courage 
Paid Nanodegrees and free courses on topics from AI to online marketing.

2. Pluralsight 
One of the largest libraries of technical and IT education content on the web.

3. Codecademy 
For people new to coding and programming, there is probably no friendlier resource.

4. Treehouse 
Another IT platform with hundreds of courses.

5. StackOverFlow 
Popular platform of IT experts and practitioners. Learning, sharing, discussions.

6. freeCodeCamp
A platform enabling free IT training, mainly through projects and the community.

7. Codewars
Coding and programming through challenges and tasks.

8. GA Dash 
A tutorial focused on the basics of creating a website.

9. Grasshopper
A mobile application teaching the basics of Javascript.

Language resources

1. Duolingo 
The most popular language app in the world. Free of charge.

2. Italki 
A platform connecting English teachers and their online students from all over the world.

3. Babbel 
Popular online language resource, one of the best selling language apps.

4. Busuu 
It offers free and paid in-app learning micro-lessons.

5. Memrise 
Similar learning principle to Duolingo, not only for languages.

6. TinyCards
Thanks to the card method, applications from the creators of Duolingo teach not only languages.

Resources in Czech

Professional online courses in Czech, mostly paid.

Digital skills micro-courses primarily for the corporate sector.

3. Nostis
Czech platform of online courses, offers free law courses.

4. Khan's school 
Czech translations of the global Khan Academy.

A portal offering offline courses from anyone, from cooking to marketing or technology.

Database of individual tutors for online lessons, not only for languages.

Originally a Czech application for teaching writing by all ten.

Audiobooks in Czech.

Audiobooks in Czech.


    A web application offering language, geography, programming and more.

    The rest

    1. Quora 
    A content-social platform where people ask and answer questions.

    Global catalog of boot-camps for IT, design, data analysis and other technical professions.

    3. Goodreads 
    Social network for bookworms.

    4. Medium 
    Content platform for reading and publishing.

    The world's largest audiobook provider.

    6. Quizlet 
    Application for flashcards, memorization and practice.

    7. CreativeLIVE 
    Online seminars and their records, especially for entrepreneurs, creatives, artists.

    8. Open Culture 
    A huge library of educational and entertaining content in one place.

    9. iTunes U 
    The Apple application offers courses and study materials from mostly American universities.

    10. WikiHow 
    An instructional, content website providing practical instructions on how to do something.

    11. Investopedia 
    Wikipedia for the world of finance and investment.

    12. Project Gutenberg 
    Huge database of educational materials, especially e-books.

    13. HighBrow 
    Five-minute courses to your email on topics that interest you.

    14. Craftsy 
    Online courses for DIY creators, artists and do-it-yourselfers.

    A content platform for those interested in business and MBA education outside of school.

    Micro-courses on finance, business and other professional areas.

    One of the best guideposts of opportunities abroad for young people.

    18. Gooverseas 

      A global platform offering internships, work for free and for money all over the world.

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