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Article: #04: Midterm: How to turn your plans into reality


#04: Midterm: How to turn your plans into reality

After the initial exercises, it should be clearer to you who you are and where you want to go. A clear vision is key. Now let's see what you should focus on for the next 6 months. Your dreams, desires and priorities should be transferred to the half-year plan. Specific goals should also reflect what you believe and value.

Start with a mind map

This double page is almost empty. This is so that you can draw the largest possible mind map there. In it, visualize the goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year in individual categories. But be careful - don't forget the connection with Päťročnica . Such a visualization will help you realize the connections and get more in depth.

In the middle, you can place yourself, the names of the months that await you or just one of the 6 areas that you consider the most important. Or the one that will have the most connections. For example, Self-development. It is closely related not only to work, but also to joy, relationships and health.

I always mark the number of the half year by Wednesday, e.g. 02/2023. I will take a picture of the mind map to have a backup in case I lose the Journal. What's even better - I have all the Semesters next to me. This way I can track how my goals and priorities have changed.

Branch out all the bubbles with goals until they become action steps that you can fulfill in the next six months. For example, if you write that you want to move more, add other bubbles to it: pay for a gym membership; call friends with whom I played volleyball; repair a bicycle; waking up earlier in the morning so that I could run and other things. Then connect the bubble with friends to relationships and getting up to self-development. Continue like this until you can. Can you see how everything is connected to everything?


What should be your 6th category?

If you still haven't decided how to use the last empty category, we have a tip for you! Select it from the area that has the most goals for this semester . For example, if you have health goals that are related to diet, sports, strengthening or doctor's visits, set aside sports as a special category. If you want to start your own blog or business in addition to your job, make it a separate category. You can easily decide on a short-term special project, such as a wedding, writing a diploma or moving house.

Every week you will evaluate your progress not only in the 5 areas, but also in your special project and thus increase the chance that your goals will come true.

Determine only one priority from each area

When you develop a mind map, you will definitely realize a lot of things that you will want to focus on. However, if you were to focus on all of them at the same time, it may happen that you won't finish even one. Remember: if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

At the bottom of the page, set only one goal in each of the areas.

Doesn't that seem like enough? Don't forget that if you manage to complete all the goals earlier, you can tackle the others as well. However, you will have already covered the most important ones.

Determine how you will evaluate the achievement of the goal:

  • Will you take advantage of the 2-day challenge in one of the coming months? (Useful when building a new habit.)
  • Will it be a clear yes/no? (Like, for example, when being promoted or handing in a diploma by the deadline?)
  • Will you evaluate subjectively according to feelings? (Suitable for goals related to joy or relationships.)
  • Will you use a testing tool? (For example, language learning level test, satisfaction of your clients or employees?)
  • Something else?

... and do everything to achieve it

Link your 6 goals to the Monthly Challenge. Always choose one new habit that you will improve in order to achieve your goals.

For example, if you want to find more time for reading and self-development, you can start getting up half an hour earlier. Use the 2-day challenge in the next month to track your progress. If you manage to get up earlier all month, choose a new habit from a different area. For example, stop eating sweets or walk 10,000 steps every day.

You can project these selected 6 goals not only into the Monthly Challenge, but you can also link them to your morning routine, Monthly and Monday. For example, if your goal is to run 10 km, you can gradually add tasks related to regular training, improved care, focusing on the right technique, maybe even a meeting with a professional trainer or investing in high-quality sneakers.

A journal is a tool that will help you persevere in your resolutions. Therefore, let him remind you of what matters to you and where you want to go.

What is your biggest goal for this semester? Share with us in the Journalists group on Facebook.

You will learn more about how to make the best use of the regular sections (Monthly, Monday and Day) to achieve your Half Yearly goals in other articles.

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