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Article: #07: Monday: The day between Sunday and Monday


#07: Monday: The day between Sunday and Monday

"If only there were more hours in the week!" many of us say to ourselves, and maybe you have said it too. We listened to your wishes and added an eighth day (well, at least on paper). A day between Sunday and Monday. A space that you may have been missing in your planning until now.

How did you do last week?

Start simple. In percentages, express your satisfaction with how you did in each area last week.

What increased your rating and what decreased it?

A weekly assessment of individual areas will help you see long-term trends. If one of the areas repeatedly gets too low ratings compared to the others, it's time to think about what you should do to improve it. Do not forget that in order to find balance in your life, it must work in all areas at the same time.

A place for self-reflection

Read each question aloud and answer honestly:

How are you doing with the monthly challenge? How many small steps have you taken towards your goal?

Look at the beginning of the month and think about how you did this week. Don't forget to praise yourself if you did well. And also write down what you will do if it doesn't go as you expected.

Do you want to get up earlier and can't? Try to go to bed a few minutes earlier or postpone dinner time.

Do you want to write down what you are grateful for every night? Put the Journal on your bedside table and fill in your gratitude right before bed.

What will you try? And what has worked for you in the past? Let us know in the Journalist community on Facebook. Maybe you will get more tips for yourself. And you certainly inspire others.

What are you bragging about? What did you accomplish this week, who did you please, inspire?

It is important to brag about accomplished goals, even for small things. Don't worry even if you haven't completed your goal, but you have completed at least part of the journey or your first attempt. They already know how to bring you valuable lessons, thanks to which you can achieve your goal next time. And praise will certainly motivate you more than if you blame yourself for every small failure.

What did you learn? What will you definitely not forget?

Now flip through the pages you wrote down for the past week. What made you happy? What are you grateful for these days? What thoughts from books, podcasts or interviews did you write down in the dotted parts of the day?

Now it's time to choose the most important ones and write them down.

Be sure to add your own experiences, what worked for you and what didn't. What meetings or conversations do you prefer to avoid next time? What words will you choose so that your loved ones understand you? And what will you do to listen and understand better?

Need to change something next week?

It is very useful to focus on just one or two things that you want to improve. You can't do everything at once, it's exhausting. Therefore, in this question, find what bothers you the most from the past week and try to change it as soon as possible.

If it is an unfinished task or a forgotten phone call, transfer it as a task to Monday or Tuesday.

If it's something longer term, try to at least take the first step this week. What could he be?


Keep track of upcoming events

Fill in the weekly overview as you wish. You can mark important events from the following week in it. Or write repetitive activities there. And probably both. Are you waiting for meetings, do you have to meet deadlines or are you going on a trip? This information also belongs there.

Don't forget the birthdays and name days of your closest friends and family. Also add invitations to events from Facebook and Google Calendar.

Always return to this page before planning individual days.


This is the place for the most important tasks. They don't have to be due on a specific day, but they are tied to the whole week. Try to choose them so that every week you tackle not only urgent tasks, but also important long-term goals from the Half Term.

In the beginning, it might be a little difficult and you will feel that you always have so many urgent things that you don't have time for anything else. Then try to include at least one small step every week that will lead to the fulfillment of one of the six-monthly goals. It will gradually become easier and easier, because you will focus on important things continuously and not only when "your ass is on fire".

Less is more.

Write down only the tasks that are really a priority and you have to complete them this week. Remember that if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

If you had all of them completed by Wednesday, you can always tackle other tasks, but you never know what the week will bring and what other priorities may pop up, either at work or in the family.

5 days - 5 priorities. Save the weekend for catching up or relaxing

You must have noticed that every day in the Journal you have space to write down the Priority of the day. Connect these two exercises so that each day you prioritize one of the most important tasks of the week.

You'll learn that you don't need to overdo it with priorities when planning weekly. At the same time, you will start each day with an amazing feeling of productivity. What could be better than having the most important things done in the first part of the day?

You can learn more tips on how to use the daily report from the following article.

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