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Article: #06: The 2 day rule - What is it and why should you use it?


#06: The 2 day rule - What is it and why should you use it?

As you know, we regularly monitor satisfaction with individual sections. And Mesačnica has always been one of the more successful ones. Until you started mentioning to us that its effect decreases with time.

We get it. You have your world, your goals and your problems. Even if you managed to complete the monthly challenge, the initial enthusiasm has waned. There were problems at work, school or a relationship, and the challenge slowly slipped out of your head. You skipped one day, then another. Suddenly it was a week and it was too much. At the end of the month, you turned the page to Mesačnica and sighed: "I'll definitely give it next month".

We know it. And that's why we started looking for a way to help you and Mesačnica even more. And one unexpectedly offered up from my favorite Youtuber, Matt D'Avella:

2 day rule. Something that Matt credits as the main reason he gained over 20 pounds in 8 years through regular exercise. It's also a habit that I owe to the fact that I've accomplished every single monthly goal I've set out to do over the past 6 months. And if it works for Matt or me, why can't it work for others?

So what is it all about? A simple rule: Don't allow yourself to skip more than one day.

Regardless of whether you're trying to incorporate cold showers into your life, train for a marathon, or build a regular reading routine, the two-day challenge works.

Its charm lies in the fact that it does not require perfectionism. No streaks or 30-day sprints. One of my favorite advices in life is: "Better done than perfect" and this challenge complements it beautifully.

It will allow you to skip the days when it is simply not possible, but at the same time it will help you keep your resolution in 80-90% of cases. (Technically speaking, you only need to complete the challenge every other day to successfully complete it. But who wants to cheat themselves like that?).

So, can you do it? Start from the first day of the next month.

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