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Article: Project vision

Projektová vízia

Project vision

What bothers you? Where are you walking?

Project vision will help you answer this question. We are not afraid to say that it is the most important part, the alpha and omega, of the whole project.

In the visionary, define exactly where you are heading as a project. What do you want to bring to the customer? What do you want to bring to the company?

Sooner or later, debatable issues, internal conflicts or important decisions will arise in business or non-profit activities. It is in difficult moments that you need to rely on your values . Which will you profess in business? Figuratively, it can be said that values ​​in business are a kind of compass that will help you reach the set goals from the visionary. They will get you to them in such a way that you won't have to be ashamed of them over time :)

Values ​​helped us unravel several unclear decisions we were faced with. For example, when our Semi-annuals arrived at our warehouse 5 mm thicker than we planned. Since one of our values ​​is respect for nature, we decided not to recycle diaries - we would have thrown an entire pallet of paper into the trash. We relied on our values ​​when making this decision, and with the passage of time we evaluated that it was the best decision we could have made at that moment.

Values ​​are important, but without a clearly defined long-term vision, it simply won't work. Where would you like to take your project in 10 years? What will your product be, what will it bring?

We do not know of a project that would be supported by an individual. It is always a mix of passionate workers and fair, professional suppliers. What does your organizational structure look like? Do you have it set? Who is responsible for what? You should also have these questions fixed. Do you all follow the values ​​of the project and follow the same vision?

If you think that there are visible gaps in your company culture and you need to work better within the team, be sure to take a look at Firmeník .

Having a ten-year vision is good and important. However, it is definitely necessary to focus on specific steps, thanks to which your project will reach the set vision (don't forget to feedback it with the team at regular intervals and don't be afraid to modify it if necessary).

The project planner will help you get closer to your vision with gradual steps that you will spread over the horizon of the next twelve months. Divide the coming year into quarters, it will be easier for you to plan and work.

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