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Article: Mind your own business

Mind your own business

How to avoid stress when realizing what all you should do in your lifestyle? It sounds counterproductive. And so it really is.

Too much concentration on perfect performance in all directions not only (sub)consciously stresses you out, but also throws your energy into the air. A correct or better said healthy lifestyle does not bypass any area of ​​your life and therefore takes care of balance, which is an embedded desire of every person.

People who take care of her are recognizable at first sight and sometimes we mistake them for phlegmatic people. In Pohoďák you have a mini test in which you can expect how you are doing with your self-care. We encourage you to be honest with yourself during this review as it will help you decide what you need to focus on.

What (not) to do and what not to neglect

Quick tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle, that's a space for a great business. You may have already invested in many books or courses, but after the enthusiasm died down, it ended up being a friendship with a compromise.

As much as we would like to be perfect (like social media posts), somehow we can't achieve it according to our expectations. Today's times make demands on us, and let's admit that we often multiply them by our expectations. First of all, it would take a little kindness...

Listen to yourself

There is not much taught in school about self-relationship. Not to mention communication with oneself, which is a natural part of relationships. But what was not can be and you can start a conversation with yourself right now. In fact, you often do it without realizing it.

Maybe you're just used to talking more than listening, evaluating more than understanding, or running away from the voices in your head (no, we don't mean hallucinations). So the first key is to pay attention to what your body and soul are saying and whether they are missing something.

To "eat" every part of your Self

It sounds like a metaphor, but a very telling one. You cannot function without food, there is no need to argue about the importance of its quality. It's not just about not being hungry, but taking care of enough nutrients for every area of ​​your life.

It is obvious that we are talking about the physical, mental and spiritual sphere, but also about the sphere of social relations and profession. They all influence each other, because they belong to one person, therefore neglecting one means impoverishing the others. And stress does not choose who it affects, it enters where it is allowed.

Decide for yourself

Motivation is not a feeling (we'd expect that from Godot), although there are times when emotions cheer your activities. Being motivated is something much more important, which cannot stand on the level of emotionality, which is naturally dynamic. Deciding for yourself and your health needs to be anchored inside you and built on the meaning you see behind it. Listening to (including this) advice can inspire you to make the right decisions, but in the end everything is decided by your "I want", not "I have to" or "I should".

Discipline versus restraint

Balance (balans, if you will) is not a program, it is a human need, and the great news is that it is available. Restrictions, by their very nature, are no longer sustainable and automatically create the impression that we are losing something.

Whereas discipline (as strict as it sounds) has perspective in it because it is a free choice for "something". In the context of life management, this means that you need to apply what works for you and it doesn't have to be promoted halfway across the globe . Your uniqueness is also reflected in what diet, movement, hobby or habits you prefer, regardless of whether they are a fashion hit. Simply notice what benefits you and do what is an investment in your health.

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