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Article: Training monthly

Tréningová mesačnica

Training monthly

The determination to play sports does not always have to have the same intensity. Sometimes there will be times when you just don't feel like it and the new part of the series will definitely be more attractive.

Therefore, it is good to prepare for it in advance and trust your plan.

A quality plan (or adherence to it) is the basis of success.

In the training calendar, schedule your training sessions for individual days. Don't forget what awaits you in the given days.

If you know that you will be at work longer, you have a birthday party coming up or you have a reunion from college, it is unlikely that you will find time for training that day.

Make this plan so that it is feasible for your schedule.

TIP: Plan the exact time when you will train. Will it be at six in the morning? After work at seven o'clock? If you include the exercise in the program of the day in advance, it is more likely that you will do it.

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