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1. The KST Hikemates digital department has published several tips on hikes that will lead you to the most beautiful views on their website.

But before you go on a hike, don't forget to look in your Wanderer's book on page 8 "What to pack?" and also think about your safety - page 12 will help you with that.

Front Soloist
from Štrbské pleso and back

Route length: 9.3 km
Total time: 4:49 h
Ascent: +860 m
Difficulty: 2/5

Veľký Choč
from Valaska Dubová and back

Route length: 9.1 km
Total time: 6:05 h
Ascent: +1005 m
Difficulty: 2/5

circuit from Blatnica

Route length: 15.6 km
Total time: 5:45 h
Ascent: +877 m
Difficulty: 3/5

Gray hair
from Ružín and back

Route length: 12.3 km
Total time: 4:26 h
Ascent: +905
Difficulty: 2/5

from Horná Poruba and back

Route length: 5.1 km
Total time: 3:10 h
Ascent: +555 m
Difficulty: 1/5

from Počúvadlian lake and back

Route length: 3.7 km
Total time: 1:51 h
Ascent: +368
Difficulty: 1/5

King's Staff
from Šumiac and back

Route length: 11.2 km
Total time: 5:21 h
Ascent: +1050 m
Difficulty: 2/5

from the Kitchen and back

Route length: 12.2 km
Total time: 3:50 h
Ascent: +684 m
Difficulty: 1/5

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