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Article: Brand book

Žurnál: Skečovník, značky, značkovník, skečnoting, vizuálne myslenie, otvorená hra

Brand book

We can call the marker book the zero chapter of your picture dictionary - Picture book.

Tags are a very good tool for segmenting notes, connecting meanings and defining the hierarchy of individual ideas. Hierarchy in notes makes it easier to read them, navigate in the text and, of course, remember the content.

How to start with it?

Look at your old notes and you'll find out how many drawings you've had there for a long time.

Underlined words, bullet points, frames around words, small pictures on the edge of the paper or doodles created during a long phone call. These are all elements of visual thinking in your notes.

Start building on them. Try connecting words with arrows and other connectors, sort content with dividers, frame important parts of notes, use "banners" for headings.

Journal: Sketchbook, visual thinking, headings, speech bubbles, marker book

Pr. Frames, headings and text bubbles

Create a database of your own marks and images in your Sketchbook, which you can add to your notes. You can gradually replace entire words or thoughts with your images.

Journal: Sketchbook, sketchnoting, visual thinking, arrows and connectors

Pr. Arrows and connectors

You will recognize the perfect Marking Book when you don't need it. Just by creating it and regularly drawing marks in your notes, you will create a database in your head.

The marker on paper will only serve as an additional space for inspiration ;)

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Žurnál: Skečovník, vizuálne myslenie, otvorená hra

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