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Article: Relax

Zrelaxuj sa


We told ourselves that stress is natural and makes sense because it protects you. He gives the information and you capture the behavior, his role more or less ends there.

It can happen that stressful behavior escapes your control and you experience a "wild ride" because your emotions take the wheel. Many automated behaviors do not have a clear explanation and many times you do not know why you are doing this or that. That's all right.

Certain tendencies are built up throughout life, and the same is true of the tendency to stress (perhaps more than necessary). We have built-up ideas of how things should be, work or go, and if things are different, we simply stress.

Take a seat

Breathing. An activity that your body is loyal to non-stop without you being in control of it. So why the breathing exercises? Stress and stressful situations give us a clear answer. Since your body behaves defensively during stress, it does not deprive this action of all important resources useful for fight or flight.

Accelerated heart rate and tense muscles use more oxygen, so its increased production is necessary. You breathe faster, but also shallower, which the brain evaluates as suffocation. And there is another stressor on the scene, which does not relieve the situation even for you. An uncontrolled scenario can end in hyperventilation or collapse. None of this has to happen, as long as you can react in time and simply indulge yourself.

Breathe it out

Breathing exercise is the first aid for calming your body during acute stress and is also a useful prevention. It doesn't take much and it's not complicated at all. Because of this simplicity, it is often underestimated, which is a disadvantage considering its preventive benefits.

However, even with such an obvious matter as breathing, you can harm yourself if you do not go about it in the right way, which is unfortunately an unconscious bad habit for many.

That is why it is good to reach for some proven technique, you can find one of them in Pohoďák and many others are available on the Internet. You can easily use them as part of relaxation or meditation, if you are not a fan of them, don't complicate it with excuses and include breathing exercises in one of your daily routines.

A little tip

Until you get the hang of complex breathing exercises, you can start, for example, by observing your breath. Concentrated attention on one thing is always calming, of course if you stay watching and eliminate unnecessary thinking or evaluation.

So go ahead and do it now. One breath .... and exhalation ....... and another breath ... and one such long exhalation. If you want to upgrade it, I recommend combining exhalations with gratitude and you have two in one for today.


These techniques can have serious side effects, mainly that they bring more well-being into your life. So apply them whenever and wherever you need.

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