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Article: What did August bring? A new notebook, a surprise for students and a team meeting in Liptov

Čo priniesol august? Nový zápisník, prekvapenie pre študentov i stretnutie tímu na Liptove

What did August bring? A new notebook, a surprise for students and a team meeting in Liptov

If only summer had more days, right?

There are never enough pleasant sunny moments, but we believe that you will not mourn them too much, because you used them to the fullest.

Our summer was also full of new experiences and honest relaxation.

But we also found time to enjoy working on the news that we are constantly preparing for you.

Once again, we bring you regular monthly notes, in which we share with you fresh news, inspiration and plans for the next 30 days. 📝


We have introduced a new notebook at a more affordable price

When we decided not to introduce a new Schoolboy this year, it surprised many. We too wished he would continue.

Well, sometimes there is simply no other way. Despite the fact that we tried to keep the price fair, Školák was too expensive for students. We always worked on it for free. And we never knew if he would earn at least the material.

This year, the prices of production inputs to space jumped. So we decided to do things differently. More certain. Instead of the Schoolboy, we introduced the Notebook. Lightweight, minimalist notebook at a more affordable price.

However, we still do not intend to compromise on honest materials. We have equipped it with unrivaled paper, rounded corners, a large number of pages and a clean design, as is customary with the Journal.

However, leatherette was replaced by kraft paper, and the initial method was again a clean space for your creativity. The result is a price tag that allows you to treat yourself to this helper much more often.

Do you want to try it?

Discover a new workbook

Schoolboy as an insert and a new package for Students

If you missed the method from Schoolboy, don't worry - we have prepared it for you either as a special insert or as a free download for each workbook.

In addition, you can also buy a notebook and insert with Stabilo pens and a belt, all together for a better price.

Discover the new Journal package for students and start the school year really to the fullest.
We spent a few days in Liptov
During the year we live in different parts of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Therefore, 95% of the time of the year we are connected online, remotely.

Many people ask us how to build corporate culture and discipline in the team. The answer is simple – shared values ​​and the vision we create with you.

Well, it's not more than 5% of the time spent together offline. We ended the summer together with families under the iconic Kriváň.

And again we welcomed "new members" of the growing madebythe: family :)


📚 A book: Cal Newport - So good they won't miss you

🎥 A movie: Pianist

🎙 Podcast: World's Leading Expert on How to solve procrastination

📱 App: Because the Bear App

📰 An article: A better life thanks to nature? Research brings 3 ways to get the most out of it


New versions of Journals

The most anticipated event for every Journalist is soon here again – the presentation of new versions of Journals.

Once again, you can look forward to several improvements that will make planning and writing even more enjoyable.

We are launching a pre-sale before the official presentation, so don't miss it. We will inform you about everything on our social networks.

A book for the smallest tourists

After the first book, Tam Hore, we are preparing another book surprise with our friends from Hikemates. Even up to two.

We will start with a book for the smallest tourists, which we will present to you soon. And after it in October, a book treatment of the great Tatra phenomenon.

Design markets

With the arrival of autumn, we are slowly preparing for the season of local markets. No, I don't mean traditional fairs or vintages.

First of all, we will see you this weekend at the Dyzajn Market at the Holešovice exhibition center in Prague. And on the last Saturday of the month, September 24, at our favorite Dobr Trh on Panenská street (yes, you can also find the Brot bookstore there).

Design markets are always rare for us. And this is true even after two years, when most mass events had to be canceled due to the pandemic situation. See you ;)

Even in September, we continue to create valuable content that will help you with planning, writing and a more conscious, meaningful life.

The August notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with the new challenges that await you in September.

Juraj and madeby the: team

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