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Article: What did July bring? Ebook about mental reset, Journal templates and a pleasant meeting

─îo priniesol j├║l? Ebook o ment├ílnom resete, ┼Żurn├íl ┼íabl├│ny i pr├şjemn├ę stretnutie

What did July bring? Ebook about mental reset, Journal templates and a pleasant meeting

Half of the summer is behind us, and along with it, several introduced novelties and an exceptional meeting with you, dear Journalists.

Well, it wouldn't be us if we didn't share everything with you in regular monthly notes.

Sit back, Espresso tonic in hand, and enjoy the fresh July edition. ­čŹ╣


We have introduced the mental reset ebook

Our half-years and annuals were full of beautiful goals, but due to external circumstances, it fell apart for many of us.

The daily routine was replaced by another, we lost the desire to plan the future, chaos reigned in our heads.

But how to return to the old ways?

To help you a little with this, we have presented a practical ebook that will advise you on how to find inner peace again, look at problems with a clearer head and set your long-term plans anew.

Discover the reset ebook

We met at the Summer Meetup of Journalists

At the end of July, we organized an informal meeting of Journalists, nowhere else than in our picturesque bookstore Brot. ­čöÂ

We are happy for everyone who came.

Collecting feedback through questionnaires is always very stimulating for us, but nothing compares to constructive face-to-face conversations.

In the photo you can see the passionate discussion about the new leather color of the Journal.

Thanks friends! We will be happy to repeat this meeting with you in the fall.

We have added templates to the Journal menu

When you suddenly find that your goals no longer make sense, it is pointless to wait for the beginning of a new year or six months to set your plans again.

We may need the so-called Fresh Start at any time.

And so that you don't really have to wait for anything, we have added a template for the new Semester/Yearbook to the website, which you can download for free at any time, print it and put it in the back pocket of the Journal or stick it where you will always have it in sight. ­čĹÇ

And the hard reboot of your vision can begin.


­čôÜ┬áA book:┬áCalm: Unusual routes to peace of mind

­čÄą Movie:┬áCoda

­čÄÖ Podcast:┬áWhy We Sleep

­čô▒ App: Alfred

­čô░ Article: Get ready for several days of heavenly theater. The night sky will be covered by the Perseids


In July, we managed to realize one more important thing - we again asked you for opinions and suggestions to improve everything we create.

You didn't disappoint this time either (thank you! ­čÖî), so we are slowly starting to incorporate the changes you heard and prepare a new edition of products that will once again push the boundaries of what we can do.

Soon we will also present you a new notebook, which will be for all those who tend to write a lot, suffer from the quality of the paper, but do not necessarily need a leatherette.

The July notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

Even in August, we will continue to create valuable content that will help you with planning, efficient time sharing, but especially mental well-being, without which none of this would make sense. You can find everything on our Instagram, so don't forget to follow. ­čśë

Until the second half of the summer, we wish you plenty of rest and lots of experiences!

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