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Article: +10 most frequent questions and answers about Poustra

+10 najčastejších otázok a odpovedí k Poustrom

+10 most frequent questions and answers about Poustra

So far, we have introduced and sold out more than 40 Poustrov.

We will be honest - when we launched the first collection, we definitely did not expect such interest. But don't take that as a complaint :)

However, along with the many words of praise, the number of questions and complaints about the speed of selling out and the smaller number of printed pieces also increased.

We want to clear up any possible doubts. That is why we have prepared a list of the +10 most frequently asked questions and our answers. However, do not take them as immutable. We try to communicate everything transparently to simply set expectations correctly. Yours, the community's and ours.

1. Why do you make limits?

We set the limited quantity of Poustra at 200 pieces for three main reasons.

  1. We feel that 200 pcs is a high enough number to cover your interest and at the same time low enough to preserve the collectible value.
  2. Artistic screen printing is not a 100% perfect printing technique, which makes each printed Poustra a unique piece with increasing value over time.
  3. At the same time, this number of pieces allows us to support the authors with a higher fee and to add a sufficient amount for the non-profit organization.

We understand that more pieces from one graphic would help us raise more funds in the short term, but would rather harm us in the long term.

2. Are you going to reprint sold-out graphics?

Not. We never wanted to mass print our Poustras. We want each piece to have its own collectible value. However, you still have the opportunity to get to the sold-out graphics. For example, by exchanging on a base, or directly in our SWAP group (soon to be introduced).

However, we are definitely planning to return to some locations with a new author or a different time of year.

3. Why can I buy a maximum of 2 units for 1 household ?

We want Poustra to reach everyone who will actually make them happy and who has memories associated with the place.

However, human ingenuity knows no bounds. We got so angry here that some people were buying more pieces of the same graphic so that they could sell it on Bazoš for a higher amount.

We cannot accept this behavior because it goes against the idea, the authors, or the non-profit organizations themselves. We carefully monitor online ads and when we identify someone, they will be blacklisted. Please buy Poustra wisely.

4. I left you an email. Why don't you let me know in advance about the new Poustras.

We didn't expect Poustra to become popular when their sale turned into a competition in order completion speed. We want everyone to be able to access Poustra and not only those who can click faster and write data in the order form.

Therefore, it may happen that we will not let you know about the new Poustra in advance by email or through our social networks. It is simply won by the one who discovers it earlier or the one who really deserves it.

5. What if I receive a damaged Poustr?

Unfortunately, that also happens. After the parcel has been precisely packed, it reaches the hands of the carrier, who may not be having the best day... In the event that the Ti Poustr arrives in a damaged/broken box, the shipment is torn or significantly dented, do not forget to write out a damage report in the presence of the courier, or another form of complaint.

And if you want to help us even more in the complaint process, we also need some photos before and after unpacking. We will take care of the complaint itself, just send us an email to with the subject: Poustr - complaint

6. I have tubes and boxes from the packaging at home. Should I throw them out?

If you keep our tubes or boxes with you and dust settles on them, do not hesitate to write to us at , we will provide you with detailed information on how you can deliver them to us. You will certainly not miss a small surprise as a reward.

7. I have an idea for a location. How can I share it with you ?

We are always open to ideas and tips for improving the sites themselves. We read and consider them all carefully. If you have such a tip, feel free to send it to us by email: with the subject of the email: Poustr tip. We thank you!

8. How do you choose non-profit organizations to support ?

We select all the organizations through which we collect proceeds from Poustrov after a long discussion. We are interested in the story, the activity so far, or the purpose for which the collected funds would be used. So far, we have supported OZ My sme les, OZ Nosičský dom and the Slovak Tourist Club, and we are planning more.

If you know of one that deserves our attention, let us know: with the subject of the email: Poustr tip NGO. We thank you!

9. I want to help more than just by buying Poustra. How to do it?

We certainly do not resist ideas or suggestions on how we could support non-profit organizations even more. Finally, we want to support them with increased interest in their activities.

If you have an idea how to help them more (or if you are considering an auction of your Poustr), contact us at with the subject of the email: Poustr - I want to help more. We thank you!

10. How should I hang Poustr on the wall?

There are several ways. Mainly so that Poustr does not remain wrapped. We have prepared instructions on how to decorate your walls with it.

11. I want to frame it. What frame size should I buy?

We always print in A3 size, i.e. 420 mm x 297 mm. If you want to save time by choosing a suitable frame, we recommend our handmade wooden frame with passparta.

If you have any other question about Poustra, you know where to turn!

Thank you for helping a good cause by buying them.

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