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Article: 7 days and one milestone further 🎉

O 7 dní a jeden míľnik ďalej 🎉

7 days and one milestone further 🎉

Dear Journalists, we have completed the first week of the campaign and we announce the successful completion of the second milestone! We appreciate every single order and are excited to watch our community grow. 👀

This accomplished goal means that we are already preparing 500 new Yearbooks for you to print. 📕

But our campaign does not end there ☝️ We are uncovering another milestone.

If you help us reach 9,000 euros in the pre-sale, we will cover the printing costs of another 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ pieces of Annuals from the new Savile Row edition. ✊🏼

⌛ You must be wondering when your new Journal will arrive.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be looking forward to the new Journal in the second half of November. You will have enough time to prepare it for the coming year and think about your goals. 🎯 However, we are doing everything to make it even sooner. We will keep you informed 😉

👉🏼 Is there a new Journalist here? 🙋🏼

Do you need help choosing the right Journal? We have prepared a series of posts aimed at presenting all the news. The more experienced among you will appreciate it as well, as the Journal has also undergone content changes. And yes, we will also answer a frequent question about Yearbook Plus.

👉🏼 Do you want to get involved and become part of a great community?

Pre-order your Journal. Try our method and find out what a great helper pen and paper can be in combination with your goals for a better future. If you already belong to seasoned Journalists, we will be grateful if you tell us more about your experience.


And finally, dear Journalists, we owe you a huge THANK YOU, we certainly couldn't have done it without you.

We continue on 😉

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