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Article: As of July 1st, we are raising prices for the first time

Od 1. júla prvýkrát zvyšujeme ceny

As of July 1st, we are raising prices for the first time

We have always believed that Žurnál is a premium diary where quality does not come at the expense of compromises. We have chosen our suppliers honestly, we have been working with several of them since the very beginning and we have experienced both pleasant and difficult times with them. But what is happening this year is unprecedented.

A short excursion to the first version: Comparison with Moleskine

In the first version, we set the price of Journals according to the Moleskine market. After all, we are in the same category, we are similar in minimalist design, and from the beginning we wanted to build Žurnál mainly on a high-quality method that would set us apart.

Moleskine presents itself as a high-quality Italian product, we have paper and leather suppliers from Italy, and we thought that if it works out for them at the factory, it will be similar for us.

Except Moleskine moved production to China. The quality of their products went from ten to five according to user reviews. At least we gained new customers.

We did not deal with product markup and similar metrics at all. After all, we were changing the world and who needs to think about boring excels, right?

Other versions: Switching manufacturers and stabilizing costs

Until we found a manufacturer that was willing to push the boundaries with each version, we went through the motions. Unfulfilled promises, tearing rubber bands, a lot of unnecessary worries.

The unit price for the diary fluctuated by 50% from production to production, but since the eighth version it has stabilized at an acceptable amount for us (and we believe for you as well).

We don't have to hide behind it - with us, you know what you're paying for in all versions. For example, this is what it looks like with the popular Semester :

Although it is not a gold mine (I say this to all those who would like to make their own diary and would like to make it of high quality), but by thoughtful ordering we have learned to use unit economies of scale and we have always covered at least the costs of production and overhead.

Twelfth Version: New Times

Except times are changing. Due to the influence of external black swans, consumer prices have risen by double digits and since the beginning of the year, the costs of ... everything have increased.

Since the beginning of the year, the paper supplier, manufacturer, logistics center, carriers have notified us of price increases, we have increased the team and started paying income tax advances.

You don't have to be a genius to see that it can't go on like this. The already fragile business model is shaking in its foundations, and we have two options - blindly close our eyes to it or raise prices.

What does that mean to you?

We are currently raising the prices of the best-selling products:

  • All exercise books will now cost 12 euros,
  • Semesters will now cost 19 euros,
  • Notebooks will cost a uniform 19 euros,
  • The price of Annuals remains unchanged at 25 euros.

Since we want to give you time to prepare, we will raise the prices from July 1. Use the last week of June to buy diaries, notebooks, exercise books and stationery for the summer holidays.

You will help yourself and us as well. Small producers like us don't have it easy. Thank you for supporting us 🙏

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