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Article: Half-year notes 1/2: How was our first half of 2023 and what lessons do we take from here on?

Polročné zápisky 1/2: Aký bol náš prvý polrok 2023 a aké ponaučenia si berieme ďalej?

Half-year notes 1/2: How was our first half of 2023 and what lessons do we take from here on?

Summer days are in full swing. Those who have already spent days at the sea (or Zemplínská širava) or crossing a mountain ridge (we recommend Veľká Fatra). ⛰

For us, the beginning of summer, among other things, always means the period of the quarterly meeting .

Time to slow down, reflect on the first half of the year and also space to plan priorities for the next period .

For 7 years, Žurnál has been following the EOS methodology (you can read about it in the degrowth newsletter), which we have adapted to our own taste. In today's first part of the half-yearly notes, we will therefore reveal the most important moments from our quarterly meeting and our lessons learned.

So take a good seat (ideally not on a leather chair), take a cold drink in your hands (coldbrew can be, too) and enjoy a pleasant reading. 🍹


We experienced a rather turbulent period last year.

It is not surprising that when we were sitting at the beginning of the year (decimated in some places), the key words for the following period were degrowth, stability and sustainability.

Even so, from our point of view, a lot happened. We choose the things that brought us, and we believe that you too, the greatest joy.

We have presented a new edition of Online Journals

You have often asked us when we will finally make the Žurnál app. 📱

At first we were reluctant, but we quickly realized that we live in a digital world. And even though paper will always come first for us, it may not be the most practical alternative for everyone.

And so, in the first half of the year, we introduced several online helpers with planning.📆

The first one is the Digital Journal - something like our traditional Semester in interactive PDF format. From now on, you can enjoy all the exercises directly on your mobile, tablet, computer or even Remarkable.

And then we took online journaling even further. Thanks to our template, you can now turn the journal method into the globally successful Notion application. You can count on a lot of customization options, endless space for notes, a minimalist design and synchronization across all devices.

online vs. physical Journal

We published the book Na Chrbte

Immediately after the publication of the first book, which met with great success, we knew that it was asking for a free continuation. ➡

And so, after months of preparation, the book Na Chrbte saw the light of day. About those who carry a little more on their backs - mountain carriers and carriers. ⛰

No book of legends, heroes, stickers, or an encyclopedia of carriers. It is mainly a book of views and experiences of various people who like mountains and decided to wear them. And sometimes they put a little more on their shoulders. Have you grabbed it yet?

After the official release, we traveled all over Slovakia with her. We hope you enjoyed the discussions with the authors as much as we did.

We opened the last of the three cozy ones

That's how it really happened. The last of the new generation of cozy houses is finished and open to all decent tourists. 🙌

A cozy, but at the same time architecturally modern cozy house, designed by a team of architects consisting of Matthias Arnould, Robert Provazník and Michaela Vatraľová, can be found in the Mihalinová location in the Little Carpathians, near the Cesta hrdinov SNP, along which long-distance tourists pass. We look forward to your first try. Or has it already happened? 😍

Jozef Mak's shelter

Exercise books received a fresh redesign

It's been some Friday since we presented you with a series of practical helpers with self-development in specific topics - Exercises . ✍

You quickly became a favorite and we recently ran out of stock.

The decision was clear: Exercise books must continue. But they deserve a redesign. 😍

The traditional brown packaging has recently been complemented by fresh colored sleeves, thanks to which you can recognize your favorite piece from afar. And also minimalist drawings by the great Slovak designer Michal Slovák.

Have you chosen yours yet? 💛 💚💜

Exercise magazine

Finally no complaints 🌈

After what happened to us last year, I don't even want to believe it.

But we didn't have a single complaint for the whole quarter.

And in 90% of cases, we sent the shipment within one day.

The era of hundreds of undelivered shipments is definitely behind us.

What does that mean numerically?

We almost reached 102 thousand euros in sales 👍 We cut down by 5 thousand. So it can be assumed. And the difference is getting smaller every year. But overall, we recorded a year-on-year decrease of 27%.

Given that the entire market fell by 30%, we expected a similar decline. Even so, he admits that it was mainly caused by missing goods. Fortunately, summer is coming. And new products are around the corner.

And how are we doing with our long-term goal - to help people with our products 100,000 times?

At the end of 2022, we could enjoy 46,421 products sold.

At the end of July 2023, it was already 52,128.

So we've crossed the halfway point and we're moving on. 🚀

North Star metric - madebythe:

Thank you to everyone who bought anything we create. None of this would make sense without you.

At the same time, we want to ask for your continued support.

Honest local businesses are experiencing a very difficult time today. Inflation affects the prices of all materials, energy, transport, the work of external suppliers and the willingness of customers to pay extra for a quality and responsible product.

This is also why many companies easily slip into production in China or cheap materials.

Let's not allow such an approach to become the only possible one and please support honest Slovak business as much as possible. 💛


The first of the two parts of the Half-Year Notes is at the end. Thank you for reading this far.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked the notes in this form.

In the second part, we will reveal to you what we are planning for you in the near future.

You have something to look forward to. 😉

We wish you a nice summer full of rest.

Juraj and Madeby the:

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