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Article: Why did we split Instagram?

Rozdelenie instagram profilu značky madebythe:

Why did we split Instagram?

A year after we started to change our identity at madebythe: we are facing a change again. Instagram.

The last few months have been richer in products than we expected. New Journals, Exercise Books, writing accessories and more than 30 Poustrovs have been added. We communicated cooperation with non-profit organizations, work on the #ZažiÚtulne campaign, architectural designs and a few community events.

Your reactions have always been very encouraging. But there were also opinions as to whether it was a little too much. And that in such a flood of content you don't have time to follow the really important things.

Since we don't want to overwhelm you with content, we decided to bring you valuable content on two profiles instead of one Instagram.

👉 zurnal_madebythe

👉 poustr_madebythe

Logos Žurnál and Poustr, brand madebythe:

In addition to our values, we will also communicate more information from the production process and ethical sourcing of suppliers at the Žurnálovské . We want to show that we really go in-depth with product news, of which there will be countless. And we don't just stop at marketing slogans. We will supplement this with more valuable articles on personal productivity and clearing the head.

At Poustrovský, we will also communicate what the means: We will have a transparent look at the production process, the origin of materials and information about upcoming news. We will supplement these with the status of cozy houses and interesting things from the mountains, Tatra cottages and mountain carriers. We will also reveal that you can look forward to an interesting campaign. And you will soon see what it will be about :)


We believe that you will remain faithful to the old profile and at the same time we can impress you with the new one. We have already taken the first step. Now fill in highlights, move older posts and go to new content!

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