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Article: Thanks to you, we are starting a new era 🎉🎉 Thank you 🙏

Vďaka vám začíname novú éru 🎉🎉 Ďakujeme 🙏

Thanks to you, we are starting a new era 🎉🎉 Thank you 🙏

On October 24, we launched the pre-sale of the new edition for 2024. Symbolically for the 7th birthday. That required something really special.

We have revealed the biggest change in the history of the Journal. The new ecological Savile row edition.

In more than a month since the launch , thanks to the support of 631 of you, we have reached all the milestones together.

Not only will we make enough of the new edition for everyone, but we will also cover all costs related to the transition to a more ecological production.

We gave each other the most beautiful gift to celebrate our 7th anniversary 🎉

We thank you.

And for all of you who are still delaying your support, we have good news - if you support us by December 11th, we will throw a small surprise in your package. 🎁

What will happen now? When will I finally be able to get hold of my Journal?

At the beginning of the campaign, we promised delivery by the end of November. Yes, we admit it. We missed this deadline. And thank you for your patience.

If you know us, you know that transparency is one of our business values. And we will be honest this time too.

The transition to a new manufacturer meant, among other things, new procedural steps. All this in order to move the quality of the Journal to a new level. And what happens sometimes if a person does things properly? They tend to develop differently than we plan them.

In the end, the delivery of the paper together with the start of production was delayed by almost 3 weeks. 🤦‍♂️ And the final inspection of the products added another day's slip.

We are currently working on the final handwork and the Journals should arrive at our warehouse within the next week.

We are already preparing all free hands for a joint brigade, where we will try to break the daily record of sent shipments.

Then we will d guarantee all orders within the standard 48 hours. Either by courier, to Packet boxes or for personal collection.

When do I have to order at the latest so that the package arrives before Christmas?

This is always a difficult subject. And we don't want to promise guaranteed delivery by the last day either. But if you manage to order before December 18, there is a good chance that you will see the Journal under 🎄 And you will also make a small gift for couriers all over Slovakia.

Or you can have it go to the Martinus bookstore, or design shops all over Slovakia (you can find the list on our website).

If you can't make it (oh really?) then from December 17th to 22nd we will be spreading joy in the Stará tržnica in the center of Bratislava.

But as the good old marketer with the yellow sweatshirt says, "#riti don't put it off for later" 🙂


Thank you for the huge support :) we really appreciate it 🙏

It is again our commitment to constantly bring you the most honest products.

Follow up friends 👋


PS: If you have a promising Journalist or another "crazy for paper" in your neighborhood, say a few nice words about the Journal. You will make us happy.

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