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Article: What did July bring? We tested the new shelter and restocked the iconic versatiles

Čo priniesol júl? Otestovali sme novú útulňu a doskladnili kultové versatilky

What did July bring? We tested the new shelter and restocked the iconic versatiles

Half of the summer is irretrievably behind us. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest.

And that the remaining weeks will be even better. ☀️

For us, July was a sign of honest rest, pleasant meetings, but also some news.

Well, after a while you can again look forward to a dose of inspiration from different areas.

Enjoy the refreshing July notes. 🍹


We enjoyed a team sleepover in the new cozy house

Just two months ago, my friends from Hikemates and other partners officially opened the last of the new generation of shelters - the Jozef Mak Shelter in Malé Karpaty. 🌲

And in July, the team and I finally went to try it. 🙌

Since we rarely see each other during the year, every such occasion is very special.

It was no different now. We took an easy hike, had a good chat and thoroughly enjoyed the sleepover surrounded by the forest. 😍

We remind you that the new shelters are open to all decent tourists. Plan a hike with a sleepover in the forest sometime. 😉

(Ivan is still missing from the photo, who at that time went to catch bears as usual)

Journal - teambuilding, Jozef Mak's shelter

Versatile women got new inscriptions 🎉

Not long ago, we asked you on IG and FB for help with the selection of inscriptions for new versatiles, remember? ✍

"What I don't write down, I forget" was the most liked on Instagram.

On Facebook, the inscription "That's what you write" won again.

We have taken your preferences to heart and we are very happy that we could finally present them to you in their real form at the end of July. 🙌

Have you seen the new edition of the cult Czechoslovak versatile shoes in a practical package with rubber "I don't make mistakes"?

Which variant will be yours?

Discover new versatile shoes


🎥 Film: Oppenheimer
📱 Digital tool:  


We will equip you for the next school year

If you're a student, we know it's not easy for you to read. 🙈 Well, school is fast approaching again.

However, we also have good news. 🙌 We are preparing a special offer for you, thanks to which you will not be without a high-quality and stylish space for all your notes even during the next year.

The preparation of new Journals is already in full swing

The year 2024 may seem far away, but in order to have everything ready in time, we are starting to prototyping new versions now. You can look forward to relatively fundamental changes in terms of design and ecology. We can't wait to introduce them to you. 😍

So, now go enjoy the rest of the summer as much as you can. ⛱

The July notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We wish you sunny, relaxing days,

Juraj and Journalists

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