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Do you want to work on a specific area?

Explore the exercise books. Helpers for individual areas of life

You can choose from 7 practical assistants. A visionary will help you discover your own vision. Pohođák will help you overcome stressful periods. Reseták will guide you through a life change, no matter how painful it may be. Thanks to Firmeník, you will find out the compatibility of your vision with employment. The starter will help you start a side-hustle or a full-fledged business. An athlete will keep you motivated to do sports for a long time. The sketchbook will improve your expression thanks to sketch-noting.

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Najnovší prírastokRodičovníkRodičovník
Rodičovník Sale price15 €
The newest additionVizionár
Vizionár Sale price12 €
Reseťák Sale price12 €
Sold outPohoďákPohoďák
Pohoďák Sale price12 €
Firemník Sale price12 €
Športovec Sale price12 €
Skečovník Sale price12 €
Sold outRozbiehačRozbiehač
Rozbiehač Sale price12 €