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Article: We present you a new definition of 🔻Journal

Predstavujeme ti novú definíciu 🔻Žurnálu

We present you a new definition of 🔻Journal

As you probably know, we are working on several projects. And we've noticed for some time that many of you are a bit confused by this:
"What is madebythe:? What is a Journal? Are you a publisher?'
To all this Poustr, #Zažíútulne with Hikemates... 🤯

We understand. We made it a bit more complicated with those brands.

And so we decided that we had to clean it up once and for all.

It is not enough to explain more. Everything had to be simplified and defined anew.

Fortunately, we were not alone in this.

And together with Jakub Ptačin, we were looking for what makes Žurnál a Žurnál.

So how is it from today?

The only brand you need to remember is 🔻 Journal .

With madebythe: you will only meet in business terms.

And what do you imagine under the term Journal?

From today, they are no longer just tools for planning and writing.

We are a slow publisher that helps capture and develop thoughts worthy of the future . 💭

👉 Diaries and notebooks from Žurnál help you capture your own thoughts and develop them towards your better future.

👉 Books from the Journal you they convey ideas and stories that should remain here for the future.

👉 A by supporting non-profit projects The journal helps meaningful thoughts worthy of the future completely directly .

At the same time, the new concept demanded a new visual.

The old one no longer corresponded with our values.

That is why we are happy to present you the new Journal.

Sharper. More modern. More confident.

Journal - thoughts worthy of the future

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