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Article: We have sold out all Journals. So we give them to you for free

Vypredali sme všetky Žurnály. Tak ti ich dávame zadarmo

We have sold out all Journals. So we give them to you for free

That's right, you won't find any Yearbook, Yearbook Plus or Half Yearbook on our website anymore.

Yes, there are still undated versions.

But they are not for everyone.

However, since we believe that the Method Journal is a really powerful tool, and every day more of you who didn't make it write to us, we decided to do something that hasn't been done before.

Provide you with an Online Journal for free .

Magazine online on a tablet

The online journal is for you if:

👉 you like our system, but you spend a lot of time online and a physical diary is not practical enough for you
👉 you also have a diary, but you want to try a new experience as part of Journaling
👉 you didn't make it to Žurnály 2023, but you still don't want to be without meaningful planning this year
👉 you don't know us and you will be happy to try the Journal method for free

Choose whether you want to fill out the PDF online, print it, or try the method on the Remarkable tablet. It's up to you. The template will come conveniently to your email.

Do you want to be at the birth of the new digital era of the Journal?

Try the first ever online Journal

We only ask you for one thing:

After a month, we will be interested in your feedback (we will contact you).

You'll help us bring you even more useful digital tools. 😉

Good luck filling it out.

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