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Article: madebythe: ends as an e-shop

madebythe: končí ako e-shop

madebythe: ends as an e-shop

Friends and loyal fans, after more than 5 years we have decided that madebythe will end as an e-shop. What led us to this? Simply put: you 🤟

Containing the brands Žurnál, Poustr and joint projects with Hikemates on one domain and with one channel led to unnecessary confusion. Each of these brands deserves pampering and care. And we could not guarantee that in the current form ❌

That's why we decided to take a rather drastic step - to dedicate a separate website, separate social networks and, what's even more important, a separate team that knows how to deal with each brand.

What does it mean?

1️⃣ The original website will remain only as a presentation signpost of our projects. Here you will find our shared values ​​and goals, we will communicate monthly notes through it, and we will also add sections towards our verified suppliers and potential collaborations.

2️⃣ We will move the content about planning, recording and self-development under the brand. After 5 years, we managed to buy this domain and therefore we are happy to offer you more than 50 other tools for more pleasant writing and getting to know yourself in it, in addition to our products.

3️⃣ You can also find your favorite Poustra, the Tam Hore book, the Hikemates magazine and other tourist publications with overlap in only one place - the brand new Hikemates Shop . From the proceeds, we again finance the development and maintenance of shelters and other great projects.

4️⃣ We will stay at Poustroch because they went through a redesign, with which Jakub Ptačin and Maťo Maličký helped us. They didn't just do it out of passion. We still have interesting plans for expansion with Poustra. You will be able to see the first result on the website. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

5️⃣ Let's not forget our curated bookstore at Panenská Brot Books Deli . Although it did not undergo any redesign, it will receive more space in communication within our family of brands. After all, who wouldn't want tools that allow them to grow healthily, discover and create.

6️⃣ And finally, we will try to teach people that regularly donating to good causes is normal. For this, together with Zamba, we launched the Donio platform in Slovakia, and we believe that thanks to it, we will be able to fulfill our corporate mission - to change Slovakia for the better.

Haven't we taken on a little too much?

We do not know. Maybe for a few months now we will tap our feet more nervously on the roads in Bratislava public transport. Maybe a year from now we'll be scratching our heads and saying we blew it. But we certainly won't talk about one thing. That we didn't try. ✊

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