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Article: #17 May notes

#17 Májové zápisky

#17 May notes

May has traditionally meant big news for us. In addition to the arrival of the new edition of Journals, we were also faced with fundamental decisions.

How did we finally crack them and what can you look forward to in the next month?

We bring you our traditional notes, where you can learn everything. Don't be disturbed.


madebythe : ended up as an eshop

You certainly didn't miss the first big news from the past few weeks.

Containing the brands Žurnál, Poustr and joint projects with Hikemates on one domain and with one channel led to unnecessary confusion. Each of these brands deserves separate pampering and care.

Zurnal products can now be found on the website , while Poustra, the book Tam Hore and other tourist products will have a home at .

We have presented a new edition of Journals

Among them you will find, for example, a revised Semester for the next 6 months with higher quality paper and modified sections. And the Reseťák exercise book is definitely worth your attention, which will help you with a mental restart after the many challenging periods (pandemic, war...) that we have behind us.

However, there are many novelties. Discover them yourself at Žurná .

They head towards the neighbors

When Poustra and I visited the Czech Dyzajn market for the first time last year, we couldn't help but be amazed. Poustr met with enormous interest and support in the Czech Republic, so it was inevitable - in May, that is half a year later, we have officially launched a website specifically for Czech fans of mountains and design 👉

An assortment of stationery

In addition to paper Journal products, we have also added several high-quality stationery items to the e-shop . Among them you will find, for example, a special pencil case for Journalists from the legendary Koh-I-Noor brand, a top Japanese OHTO pen or the cult Italian Perpetua pencil.

We have carefully selected and tested every single pen and accessory to enhance your writing experience. Choose the tool that best suits your style at Žurná .


📚 A book: Oliver Burkeman - Four Thousand Weeks
Special product packages

Already this week, we will also introduce you to special product packages that will further help you develop in specific areas that are important to you.

For example, if you manage a team of people and want to be a leader who keeps things tidy in his head, you will be able to buy the Firmeník exercise book together with the diary at a discounted price. The businessman will guide you through a number of exercises that will show you the direction and the diary will help you in daily efficiency and organization.
If you would like to mentally reset yourself after difficult periods (pandemic, war...) and start effective planning again, you can already grab the Mental Reset package , with a diary and a Resetter.

Ebook about mental reset

You can also look forward to a brand new ebook that will help you reflect on difficult periods and gather strength for the next months.

You can shorten the wait for it with our latest ebook .
Meeting of Journalists

Even before the summer, we will organize a joint meeting of all passionate Journalists.

We will see each other in Brota and a short workshop will also be part of it. We are very much looking forward to everyone.

The May notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges waiting for you!

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