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Article: September notes: Autumn cleaning and another great Good Market

Septebrové zápisky: Jesenná upratéka a ďalší skvelý Dobrý trh

September notes: Autumn cleaning and another great Good Market

Have you also managed to get tangled in a spider's web?

Autumn has recently started for us, but we are still enjoying the last glimpses of summer weather. 😊

It's great that in this period full of post-election expectations, at least the weather was kind and lifted our spirits, will our notes also be successful? 👇🏼


We launched a campaign for the Czech version of Tam hore

We decided to go to the Czech Republic! 🚇 But not physically, even if a fryer would sting, but with our book of untold stories of Tatra chalets: Up there. It will finally get a Czech translation.

However, there is still some way to go before Tam na hoře reaches Czech bookstores. We will need your support.


Through a crowdfunding campaign, just as it was with the Slovak editions.

We enjoyed the Good Market with you

Also this September, we met at our favorite Bratislava Good Market and replenished your stock of Journals, books and other accessories.

Although it rained for a large part of the markets, we enjoyed it to the fullest with you again. 😊

Autumn and especially the winter season will bring even more opportunities to meet. We will reveal more soon.

Journal - Dobrý trh

We cleaned the warehouse

Since the end of the year is fast approaching, we did a proper autumn cleaning and made room for the new edition of Journals 2024.

We also cleared the prices of selected notebooks for 3 days, and many of you didn't keep us waiting long. After some pieces it just got dusty and that paradoxically helped us when cleaning 😎.

We hope that the new additions to the Journalist equipment make you happy and that the pages enjoy long notes!

Journal - autumn cleaning


📱 Digital tool: Wondy


Pre-sale of the new edition 2024. Really.

Yes, we've been stressing you out for a long time. But the changes we are planning for you are really quite big and require some extra work.

Well, in October we will really start the pre-sale, we promise. Although it will be in a slightly different style than usual. 😉

New definition of Journal

As we indicated in the previous newsletter, we have one big show for you before the pre-sale of diary news starts. 👀 

We will introduce you to the new concept of the Journal, when it will no longer be only about planning and recording. 😮

We are continuing preparations for the Slovak reprint of Tam hore

If you too have been impatiently waiting for the new fourth edition Up there, we have sad news for you... ☹️ You have to wait a few more days 🤪.

However, we promise that if you are quick, this month you will learn all the untold stories of Tatra cottages with bated breath while sipping your coffee.

Journal - Up there

Looking back at the history of the Journal

In October, it will be exactly 7 years since we started working on the first diary with the Journal method. Therefore, on social networks, get ready for nice glimpses of how the Journal has developed over time. ⏳ And we together with him. 🙂


The September notes are at the end.

Don't forget to let us know how you liked them.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for you with new challenges waiting for you in October!

Juraj and Journalists

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