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Article: Important statement: We are leaving for 🇨🇿

Zásadné vyhlásenie: Odchádzame do 🇨🇿

Important statement: We are leaving for 🇨🇿

Don't worry, we didn't decide to emigrate because of concerns about the outcome of the elections in Slovakia.

We are coming to the Czech Republic with the Book of Untold Stories of Tatra Huts: Up there . 🙌

He will finally see i Czech translation . 🥳🇨🇿

Why are we translating the book into Czech?

Because whenever we appeared at design markets, we heard the phrase: "The book is great, but I can't read Slovak well."

Even though in Slovakia we read Czech quite often, we understand. Czechs have much fewer opportunities for contact with Slovak, and quite naturally it is not so natural for them. 🙂

For a long time we were looking for a translator who would not be afraid of this challenge. He prepared a translation into Czech, but kept the funny Slovak sayings. And he understood mountains. We found Nikol. And she was found in the Tatras. ⛰️

We need your help

There is still some way to go before Up There reaches bookstores. We will need your support.


Through crowdfunding campaign , as was the case with the Slovak Tam hore and Na sprte.

Choose from a number of rewards and help us cover the costs of translation, material, printing and a lot of other human work behind this exceptional book. 📗

What rewards can you look forward to?

We designed the campaign so that you can combine the book with other rewards.

Add to the book the last of the limited editions of Tatra Hermitages or its free sequel Na Chrbte. The first 50 of you will even receive a signed piece from the author's collective.

Will you help us get the Untold Stories of Tatra Huts to the Czech Republic?

Support for the release There Above

Donio - Up There

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